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A storm is brewing in the Netherlands

A storm is brewing in the Netherlands. GeenPeil, the organisers of the anti-Ukrainian referendum, are being accused of fraud while financing the campaign’s expenses.

Earlier this month statements were made that GeenPeil was financing its campaign through a grant from the European Commission, whose regulations prevent the use of the funds for promotion. Referendum opponents just finished filing an objection, and now find themselves preparing new objections against the referendum organisers. This time, the accusations are more serious: GeenPeil leaders are being accused of fraud in the use of the grants from the government of the Netherlands.

The scheme had 40 individual grant applications submitted (the maximum amount of an individual application – 5.000 Euros). After this, the applicants and GeenPeil signed agreement to transfer the grants to GeenPeil. In this manner, the anti-Ukrainian group would collect 150.000 Euros to conduct its own campaign, while, by grant regulations, the maximum amount which an organisation can receive is 50.000 Euros.

It’s interesting to note a precedent that occurred a month earlier. The committee, which makes decision regarding applicants, denied a grant to the journalist Laura Starink on the basis that she would be using the finds for the organisation, not for her own project. In the meantime, the committee has not had any claims against GeenPeil thus far.

According to Ukrainian activist Oleksandr Snidalov, the information comes from this source: Robert van der Noordaa . And that’s the story. We’re following the development of this issue.


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