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Tulip field in Bukovina

Ukrainian talent and creativity can impress: they can make beauty out of nothing, invent advanced technology, make dreams come true. Oleksandr Stratiychuk, a resident of the Bukovyna oblast, created his own little Holland in Ukraine: on the road from Chernivtsi to Kitsman one can see a real tulip field of colorful flowers – white, red, purple and pink. The tulip field now includes more than fifty varieties of tulips. Some have shed, others have just blossom out.

This spectacle cannot leave you indifferent: people get out of their cars and stop to admire. But the owner welcomes this kind of attention. People come here even from neighboring regions, and on a weekend there are at least a hundred visitors at any time.

Mr. Stratiychuk worked 7 years in Holland with flowers, and then decided to create this beauty in Ukraine, so he returned to his native village Mamayivtsi and started to implement the plan.

The resident of Bukovyna takes care of the flowers: tulip bulbs are imported from Holland, and the right microclimate is provided by frequent watering (there are special watering hoses between the rows).

As for future plans, Mr. Stratiychuk wants to increase the territory of his “tulip paradise”, to improve irrigation, and to plant tulips in the flower beds located on the Ring Road in Mamayivtsi.


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