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Apply to participate in the first CosmoHack in the world!

Dear Friend!

• Are you young, energetic and curious?
• An enthusiast of high-tech, space research, economics, new opportunities for humans?
• Are you looking for answers to the questions that are too frightening for others – what’s beyond the horizon, beyond space and time, what will happen tomorrow or in 10 years?
• Are you worried about challenges facing your country, humankind and the environment?
• Do you have ideas how to solve these problems?
• Are you dreaming of stars and space, science or business?
• Passionate about the mysteries of the Earth and the Universe?
• Interested in the new successes of astronautics?

Then you can participate in CosmoHack, an anti-hackathon to be held from 3 to 5 October in. Kyiv (Ukraine) during the Space and Future International Youth Forum at the leading university of Ukraine – Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), alma mater of the first space engineer Sergey Korolyov.

The Space and Future Forum is a synergy of young space enthusiasts, experienced space experts and practitioners to develop components of a new platform for space research and applied projects, a discussion of the boldest innovative ideas and technologies of the future.

CosmoHack is a fundamentally new model of creative team work on global problems and challenges to the future. During the Forum, the teams will formulate the projects and continue work on them in the future. The cohesive Teams of the Future will be the main outcome of the Forum. Well-known sponsors are looking forward to support their projects.

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Send your application as an individual or a group to International Expert Commission, which includes reputable experts from the US, Canada, European and other countries of the world. Chairman of the Commission is the first Astronaut of Ukraine Leonid Kadenyuk (Columbia flight, USA, 1997).You should be aged 14-45 (the new UN definition of youth).

Thematic sections of the Forum and the CosmoHack:
• Future of the Earth and space (Earth observation, space colonization, settlements on the Moon and Mars, manned space flight, space robotics, life support in space, International Space Station)
• Future of science and technology (physics, astronomy, biology; hi-tech, material research, nanotechnology; information, communication, security)
• Future of the economy (globalization, virtualization, money and markets of the future, how much is land on Mars, future jobs/occupations, aerospace law, space privatization)
• Future of humanity (new physiology, new psychology, new health, new art, the search for other civilizations)
• Future of the environment (Earth and near-Earth space, new energy, space debris, use of space technologies and data)

You can take part in the Forum, communicate with world-renowned speakers and offer your ideas to the Manifesto of the Future, which will be co-authored by the Forum participants.

Most importantly – you have the unique chance to become a Visionaut, a member of one of Teams of the Future to be formed at the SpaceHack to address the most promising opportunities and urgent challenges of humanity.

And if you have leadership abilities and experience in creative teams, you can lead one of the Teams of the Future!


To become a member of one of the Teams of the Future at the CosmoHack please send an application in English till 17 September to the email address of the Organizing Committee: [email protected]om

The application must contain:
• Brief information about yourself, including your work/study experience
• The section title(s) of the Forum and the topics in which you would like to work with your team
• A project/idea that you offer for the teamwork
• Optional (if available) – description of your publications/projects, letters of recommendation.

The selection of team members (Visionauts) will be determined by the following criteria:
• Relevance of your ideas and projects in the context of the Forum (including global importance and synergy with other proposals);
• Your competence and experience;
• Readiness for long-term cooperation with the Team during and after the Forum;
• Purposefulness, persistence, ability to think “out-of-the-box”;
• Teamwork and creative skills.

Preference is given to participants who can be physically present at the Forum/SpaceHack.

Travel to the Forum is paid at your own expense. The Organizing Committee will provide assistance with accommodation, catering. You will enjoy free admission to the Forum and related cultural and social events.

You can also participate in the Forum and in the work of the Teams online / over the Internet.

The Organizing Committee of the Forum receives the right to publish and use the received materials with reference to the authors. The materials will not be returned or reviewed.

Email: [email protected]om


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