Global Ukraine News

About us

The international organisation Global Ukraine was established and registered in Kyiv at the beginning of 2015, and began to actively develop and popularise the importance of creating a global professional public diplomacy network to promote Ukraine’s interests internationally.

The initiator and founder of the organisation is Ms Violeta Moskalu, PhD (University of Lorraine, France), expert in public management and international development. Today the organisation counts about 30 actively involved volunteers, in Ukraine and abroad. They are constantly in contact with more than 400 young ukrainian expatriates in 70 countries all around the world.

The aim of the international organisation Global Ukraine is the development of a strategy of public cultural and business diplomacy using a communication platform, which involves the most active Ukrainian expats, leaders of post-Maidan movements, who have shown their abilities in organising and achieving positive results by using various types of public diplomacy. Global Ukraine create the necessary conditions for a dynamic development of an Ukrainian professional public diplomacy network worldwide.


Today, our Global Ukrainians are involved in various projects in the sphere of public diplomacy, including informational and political projects, cultural diplomacy, business diplomacy, analytical diplomacy, social and humanitarian programs including in the medical field. In order to promote more effectively the national interests of Ukraine, it is important to develop now a coherent and complex system of public diplomacy.

The network’s first joint project was the Global Ukraine News project, whose aim is to create an international informational and analytical agency, which will facilitate the distribution of objective current news and analytical information about Ukraine, which will provide a positive influence on Europe, and indeed the world’s acceptance of Ukraine.

The model for this project is the model of western media and informational agencies, which are developing new strategies for digital and citizen journalism. The uniqueness of this informational project – is the development of a network of “citizen journalists”, who will write about their views of events in Ukraine and international events which affect Ukraine from various points of the world.

The next projects are the Business Hub and the Global Academy of Reforms.