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Global Ukraine News: “Ukraine is 25 – young, independent, creative and global”

Today Ukraine will celebrate the 25th anniversary of independence, its first “mature” jubilee. This is a moment of pride and, at the same time, moment for considering, that its independence has been acquired during this difficult period. In addition, it is high time to analyze, what should be done for better future of our state.

 Independence Day of Ukraine is a very important and significant time for Ukrainians all over the world, especially in the context of recent geopolitical events. Therefore, interesting and creative celebrations will be organized almost in every corner of our planet. Global Ukraine News suggests anyone to share interesting moments of their holidays through participating in the contest “Ukraine is 25 – young, independent, creative and global!”

Contest rules are simple: send us your photo and video of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Independence Day of Ukraine, win in one of the nominations and get a special prize from Global Ukraine News!

 There are following nominations: “The most artistic photo of Independence Day”; “The most original video of Independence Day”; And special category – “Organization of the most creative event for celebrating the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine”.

The contest will run until 25th of September. Materials for participation should be marked “Ukraine is 25” and sent to the email-address: [email protected].


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